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For people residing outside of Canada that are required to obtain a Canadian criminal background checks, it is necessary to submit fingerprints to the RCMP. The fees for the international RCMP check is $150. We offer the service of converting paper fingerprints into electronic format and the submission to the RCMP for processing.

To begin this procedure, please communicate with us by e-mail at We will e-mail you instructions and communicate/follow-up by e-mail. The steps are the following:


1) Please send us the following information by e-mail:

  • a copy of your ID, a passport for example

  • explain in detail the reason for the application

  • your address, phone number

  • your mailing address in Canada (or friend's, family's, etc.)

  • your height and weight

  • the color of your hair and eyes

2) We will email you a pre-filled Canadian form C-216c to take your fingerprints on. Print this form on LEGAL (35cm x 21.5cm) size paper OR bigger.

3) Have your fingerprints taken at your local police/consulate on the C-216c form or on your local police’s form. Make sure that your fingerprints are taken the same way as on the C-216c form (rolled impressions of each finger, and flat impressions of each finger).

The C-216c form is a fingerprint card that must include:

  • rolled and flat impressions of each of your ten fingers;

  • your full name;

  • your date of birth and sex;

  • your address and/or your postal address (for the results);

  • the name and address of the police department;

  • the signature of the official taking your fingerprints;

  • the reason for your request (immigration, employment, etc.).

4) Please make sure the agent taking your fingerprints has signed and written his/her name on the fingerprint form.

5) Send us a scan of the fingerprints by e-mail so we can confirm that they were taken properly. Then, mail your original fingerprint form to our office.

6) Please attach a passport size photo signed by the official taking your fingerprints. If this is for immigration to Canada, this is mandatory. Canadian immigration will not accept RCMP police certificates without your picture.


Photo requirements:

  • Colour facial photograph

  • Centered and taken straight on

  • Neutral facial expression, light background

  • Passport size 2 x 2 ¾ up to standard 4 x 6

  • Individual head shot

  • On the back of the photo: individual’s full name, photo signed by the official who took your fingerprints and the date picture was taken, must be within the last 12 months.

7) We will send you the $150 bill by e-mail (credit card, PayPal, Western Union, etc.). If you choose our office address as the return address, we will mail the results to you via registered mail. Additional fees for mail apply – we will provide an additional form for this (+$25).

Please note that the RCMP mails results inside Canada only, by regular mail. The processing delay is 2 business days, plus the mail delay; 1-3 weeks in total.


The RCMP will conduct a background check based on your fingerprints within 48 business hours and mail the results to your address (or other address if indicated) by regular mail. As this is being mailed from Ottawa, you must allow Canada Post's inter-province mailing delay; it will take between 1 and 2 weeks. 


However, if you have a criminal record, the RCMP may take as long as 120 days to process your fingerprints and conduct the background check (plus mailing delay).


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